Choose quality for your locks – Why you shouldn’t buy cheap locks from the hardware store

Choose quality for your locks

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In most cases it is true you get what you pay for. Especially when it comes to locks and safes. When you purchase a home for 400k-600k, is your best choice to lock it with a $10 cheap lock? Would you be surprised if that $10 cheap lock didn’t withstand a burglar trying to break in? Locks are more affordable than ever, but what have they cut back on, in order to make the prices so low. Well the answer is quality for a lot of manufacturer’s. So you may as well throw your money away if you are going to buy a cheap lock and sacrifice quality and security for your home.

Us locksmiths have to gain entry to homes with cheap locks on them bought from the hardware store on a daily basis and yes they’re usually the easiest ones to open as there’s much more tolerances in them and the mechanics are loose. And as for the cheap hardware store deadbolts instead of being a solid brass bolt and solid components they’re often made with plastic and Die-Cast materials which is just not enough to stop a burglar from forcing your door open.

So we recommend getting your locks from your local locksmith as we only sell quality engineered locks that have been throughly designed and tested. Locksmiths won’t sell and warranty the cheap hardware store locks as we are the lock professionals and know they simply are not good enough for your security and safety.

If you are interested in upgrading your locks, please contact Seaside Lock & Safe Services and we can provide you with a quote within minutes on 0401379130, or visit our website

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