What Locks Are Good?

What locks are good for your home? This is where it can be a little confusing for the consumer as there’re countless amount of locks to choose from. The builders for new homes In Western Australia generally use Gainsborough because they get a discount on them and they are also come  construction keyed allowing the builder to use their construction key and when it’s time for handover of the home owner’s keys they insert their key turn it and locks out the builder’s key. This is convenient for the builder but however it does have its negative side for the new home owner as the master pins can get jammed in the barrel and also weakens the security of the lock also.

Locksmiths only use lock brands that we know that can be trusted for your security and reliability. This is why we recommend talking to your local locksmith first about what locks to choose and if you’re building a new home suggesting to the builder that you will organise the locks yourself.

We are always here and happy to assist and help with your questions or would like us to install new locks you require.


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