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1. We offer Competitive prices, prompt service, professional workmanship.

2. We always quote before the job.

3. We never take longer than needed for the job to be completed.

4. We 100% guarantee our services with a 12 month warranty.

5. We are always willing to go the extra mile for our clients.

We install, service or repair all different types of locks for homes, businesses, commercial buildings and more. Gaining access to locked homes, safes or cars. Master key systems, Access control systems, CCTV systems and much more services.

Yes here in Australia Locksmiths do a 4 year apprenticeship to be qualified.

Yes we are required to have licenses cleared from the police licensing.

We are trained professionals for working on all locks and more, we can key all your locks alike making life easy and convenient for the user.

Firstly getting your locks changed should be your number 1 priority, you don’t know who still has keys to your premises. Then you should get a security inspection of all your locks, doors and windows to see if they are working as intended.

1.  It’s guaranteed nobody can get keys cut but the person/s that is on the authority list.

2. The Restricted key cylinders are high security they’re designed to be lock pick resistant and also stops all standard keys being able to go into the cylinder.

3. There is a 100% accurate record of all keys cut for the system.

4. We can make the Restricted key system a Master key system allowing better access control.

1. Protection – One of the best reasons about a safe is storing any important items such as, cash, jewellery, passports, important documents, flash drives and more.

2. Fireproof – safes can come with a fire resistant material. So, in the unfortunate case of a fire, your personal belongings and valuables will be safe.

3. Lower insurance rates – Having a safe will lower your insurance rates because a safe will lower the risk of theft of your personal belongings. A safe also has a cash rating which tells you its level of security, the cash rating refers to the amount of cash that an insurer will usually cover when it’s kept in the safe.

4. Peace of mind – With a safe for your home or business, you’ll have  peace of  mind as you won’t have the stress of worrying about your valuables.

A CCTV system we installed today. A CCTV is a great Security addition to any home or business!
A few advantages of having a CCTV installed –
• Crime deterrent. It goes without saying that having a CCTV camera installed at your premises will act as a serious deterrent to criminals and anyone carrying out illegal activities.
• Monitors activities.
• Collect evidence.
• Keep Records.
Please let us know if your home or business could need either new locks, access control, cctv or a safe. Call on 0401379130.

We service areas such as Rockingham, Waikiki, Warnbro, Port Kennedy, Secret Harbour, Baldivis, Wellard, Kwinana, Cockburn & surrounds. 

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